France Adventures - Monaco and Cannes

I'd heard prior to coming on the tour that Monaco was brilliant for shopping; however, I didn't find anything that I particularly liked that was within my price range (mostly the shops were all designer and as a student I don't get a very large income). Although I didn't buy anything, Monaco was still a lovely place to visit. I walked along the Monaco F1 race course, visited the palace and experienced a $12 hot chocolate. We climbed up a hill and looked over the city which was breathtaking in more than one sense! Possibly the most exciting part of the Monaco trip was seeing the Prada building projecting my favourite GIF onto the screen! The buildings where really quite pretty and the view of the harbour was amazing!

 Cannes was also a wonderful place to go to. I went here with my exchange host and I am so glad that we did! Cannes was the most beautiful city I've ever been to (Nice and San Remo follow closely after). Many of the buildings were pink and peachy in colour with the same tone of clay roof tiles, which made the view-and the photos- amazing! I was very upset to hear that the shops were closed when visiting Cannes as I've heard the shopping is amazing! Instead, we went to the farmers market which were very pretty but i didn't buy anything! I've decided that the pink house is my future home :)


Both places were wonderful and it made me very happy to be surrounded by such beautiful buildings!