SINGAPORE- Travel Photo Diary 3

The third part of my Singapore travels is now live! Only 3 months too late, no big deal. Procrastination award goes to this goober. I hope you've enjoyed the series, despite my shaky filming and lack thereof. This post is coming from days 7-10 of Singapore. We went to Haji Lane, Sentosa, Bugis Street, the Botanical Gardens and more! You can hear all about it in the VLOG, linked below. Enjoy all the photos!

Rainy Day

Is it just me that always wishes for summer in winter and winter in summer? The cold weather in Perth is really getting old.

Two weeks break was definitely not enough. Monday was my last day of holidays before returning to the seemingly endless days of homework and packed lunches. I spent my time sitting in the dark hollow of my room staring at screens or the black back of my eyelids-  (I wasn't even productive enough to binge watch any TV series). After coming to the abrupt and bitter realisation that school would be starting again, I decided, despite it being the last day, to waste no more holidays. 

Astrid and I went into the city, mainly to go shopping at kikki.k (one of the perks about school seems to be the stationary that comes with it) but also to explore parts of it that we may not know too well. Firstly, we attempted to go up the central park (skyscraper) building without much success (the lady in the lobby said we weren't allowed to head up the 51 floors, despite their website saying that the building was open to the general public). We then headed along to a tucked away cafe to drink lattes, we also attempted to enter into PICA but it was closed so instead we ate lasagna (or some vegan version of it) at the rooftop urban garden. 


Coat- Dolly Girl Fashion
Tee- Bonds
Boyfriend Jeans- Urban Outfitters

SINGAPORE travel photo diary 2

AND... Here we are again, part 2 of 3 in my Singapore Travel series. The following photos are from days 4, 5 and 6 of my trip to Singapore. You can hear all about the travel on my YouTube video (Linked below!). Hopefully you are all enjoying these posts/videos as much as I am making them (one day I'll be a full-time travel blogger, I tell myself, one day...)

Love Frey x

Holiday Escapade

The 11 week term has finally arrived to an end and has frankly left me utterly dead. Astrid and I decided to take advantage of our new found freedom by exploring our surrounding suburbs. We set out on our bikes and with enough fairy bread and cupcakes to give a small child diabetes and rode firstly to the river and later on through the streets. Exploring the suburbs of Perth has become one of my favourite new pastimes, perhaps because it's the closest thing to travel that doesn't cost money (help, I'm poor). We were lost for most of the day, and the rain kept spitting on us but it turned out to be a wonderful beginning to the holidays. I also discovered a pink wall, which will probably be getting used by us quite frequently from now on. 

Striped top- Abercrombie and Fitch (singapore)
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Famous Footwear (the only shoes I wear tbh)
Jumper- Princess Polly
Bracelet- The Peach Box