Angelina Ballerina

Currently: cold-ish weather in Perth,  I'm curled up in my bed with those bali-style harem pants on (you know the ones) listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and eating cookie dough. Feeling a lil' nostalgic.
Okay... but can we talk about my outfit? I honestly LOVE this skirt (anything baby pink and flowy is the way into my heart). Shabby Apple's clothes are really 40-50's inspired- which normally isn't my kind of thing but they make it work so nicely that it fits with modern-day clothes.
 I honestly feel like a ballerina when I wear this and I get the urge to leap and twirl everywhere! I guess this skirt reminds me of my ballet days. I learnt ballet from ages 3-11 and honestly I miss it quite a lot. I must admit I was never the shiniest star in the ballet room but I thought it so much fun floating around the room in pink chiffon wrap-skirts to the quick keys of the pianist. I also thought I was really jazzy when I said rond de jambe and no-one else in primary school knew what it meant.
So on with the post!

Top- NYCT clothing
Skirt- Shabby Apple

Ps- I don't know what possessed me to go shoe-less in this post, rest assured, it will never happen again (okay I'm possibly lying, you never know what might happen!). Don't zoom in on my feet if you don't want to be traumatised for the rest of your life. Also I feel like it's worth mentioning that the owners of this house came home and saw me taking photos in front of their wall.

And... an old photo of me for fun

70's Bby!

There's something about white flowy tops and a-line skirts that's got me a lil' obsessed. I don't quite know what it is that allows styles to circulate and come back over time but I am LOVING it! Finally- I get to feel like a fairy and puberty blues hybrid whilst sporting some op-shop finds (hopefully a future blogpost depending on how the op-shop gods decide to treat me!)
There's also something about brown and reddish colours. Maybe it's because I'm still mentally in Autumn- or all these damn fall mood boards and pumpkin spice recipes are getting to my head (northern hemisphere I'm talking to you!)

Skirt: ASOS
Boots: Spend-less Shoes

I was sent this lovely top from Aster and Lilou for promotion (wasn't paid $$)
Hope you guys all enjoy the rest of your week!
Love, Frey x