Margaret River Photo Diary

This place is somewhere held deep in my heart. As I live in Perth, Margaret River was always the quickest, closest and easiest of holiday destinations and because of that, I've spent large portions of my childhood holidays there. Every visit has a special sense of nostalgia attached from the previous adventures. It isn't just the nostalgia that makes me love the region so much. It's the natural beauty. The forests, the rivers, the grasslands, the beaches... the beaches. It's just a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy it with me!
The nitty details of my trip will be on my two vlogs that I will be uploading to youtube. You can find them linked at the bottom of this post once I have uploaded them!

Top- Topshop
Belt- Princess Polly
Skirt- Princess Polly
Shoes- Famous footwear
Glasses- thrifted

Love, Frey x

Food and Mood

It's kind of bizarre, my inexplicable appreciation for everything.  Life has been more than kind on me recently, I've been spending more time with my friends and enjoying every second of my current life.

I've been in freo a lot recently, which is amazing because it has to be my favourite part of Perth.  Liv and I went to the Fremantle Christmas Markets, which was rainy and cold (bizarrely for the first week of Summer). Not that i'm complaining, whatsoever, I love the cold and rain. The markets were beautiful; however, we arrived way too late so none of the nice foods were left over (there were heaps of vegan options such as dumplings and pizza which had unfortunately sold out). BUT there was a particular coffee van which Liv got two hot chocolates from and I got one. I then slept over and we watched American Horror Story Asylum which was my first time watching it. Now, two days later, I am up to season 4, welcome to my Summer Holidays.
The next day we went out for breakfast at Moore and Moore- we originally tried to go to The Attic but unfortunately, it was closed on Monday. Not going to lie, i'm glad it was closed because Moore and Moore was amazing, not to mention the art gallery surrounding it. I got the bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt and a soy latte, they are super vegan friendly :)

Top- Princess Polly
Watch + Bracelet- The Peachbox x Marc Bale