Sunday Afternoon with Lauren

Some sort of lazy, hazy feeling lingers over me each Sunday afternoon. An odd sense of accomplishment and euphoria from the feeling of being free but also slight paranoia over the lack of schoolwork done over the weekend. Sundays are lazy. Always. Sundays are gentle, and Sundays remind us that no matter how good the weekend was, everything is temporary.

Meet Lauren

I've often described Lauren as an angel in the physical form of a human. She's the most soft, loving person, whilst simultaneously taking no shit from anyone. Her favourite movie is American Beauty, or maybe Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you can never be too sure. She loves psychology and painting, I think the human brain fascinates her, she always lights up when she talks about art and feelings. She can go through a whole tub of carmex lip balm in less than an hour, she's always using her middle finger to slather the stuff on every 5 minutes. Her full time occupation as my personal uber driver is really taking her places in life.  She wears faux fur coats from op shops and fishnet stockings, managing to pull off the effortless hooker look like no one I've ever seen before. She gets up to no good, looks innocent enough that no one would know. She's down to earth, fun, grounding. She's Lauren.


I've been wanting to branch out into more posts like this. I love taking photos, I love sharing photos and capturing people and memories. I've been thinking for a long time that I would develop this blog into more than just photos of me- but the photos I take of those around me, in a way to showcase my photography. Let me know what you all think, because personally I would love to do more posts like this!

Life on Film

Since my last update I've been feeling pretty good. Final exams are coming up which is, of course, a looming threat; however, the shadow of responsibility is really motivating me to get out of my comfort zone and experience more of what this world has to offer us. Granted, that's not the kind of motivation you need going into exams but it's making my life so full and interesting.
I realised that I completely forgot to share all my film photos on here, honestly what better way to share my life on the internet then to put up all my drunken film photos I've been taking. I've so far developed three rolls and I'm already in love with the whole process. I love the anticipation of getting them developed and not knowing instantly if you actually just wasted a whole roll of film. It's more risky than digital photography which really excites me.
The pics are either taken by me or by lauren (the ones I'm in :))