Two Days in Rottnest

Currently: writing to you from an apartment in Freo that I'm housesitting for two weeks. The windows and doors are open, I'm listening to my daydreams playlist, my tea just brewed and their dog won't leave me alone with her ball! 

The following photos are all from a two-day trip I took with my friends to Rottnest island in mid-december. For those of you who live in Perth, you're undoubtedly familiar with this place. I must be the only soul that lives in this city that hadn't been to the rock before this trip! We stayed on a boat, exploring the islands infinite rocky shores and hidden caves by foot. Believe me when I say photos don't do the place justice, it's sheer natural beauty and friendly local quokkas (okay confession I cried of happiness the first time one came up to me bc they're so cute) made my heart so full, not to mention I was in some really good company. 
I swear it always sounds like I'm writing a tourist brochure when I write these kinds of posts but I'm always so dumbfounded by the amazing places on earth we can discover. 
Okay enough rambling, look at these photos! 

Albany Photo Diary

To say that I fell in love with this region would be possibly the biggest understatement made in 2016. The 7 days I lived out here in Albany were filled with a plethora of natural beauty which filled my heart to the very brim with love. From high reaching mountains, to crystal clear azure beaches, the national parks that stretch over this land are so incredibly wonderful. 

We started off our trip by visiting West Cape Howe on an overcast day. Despite the clouds and getting caught in various passing showers, the beach here still glowed with small streams of sunlight reaching through the cloud. 

Most of my mornings started off by waking up with a coffee and my journal outside in our little treetop abode. We stayed on a rivers edge and I would always sit by the slow moving stream. The morning sun would always peek through the trees as I would either sing or write out my thoughts. It was incredibly serene and lovely and, despite some of the amazing national parks we visited, this time alone in nature is probably what I miss most about the place. 

Then came the hiking day. We hiked a total of 10 kilometres in a day which left all of us with sore asses and legs the next morning LET ME TELL YA! We made the journey up both Castle Rock and the treacherous summit of Bluff Knoll. It seems easy enough from the bottom but as someone who isn't exactly in peak physical form, it was real difficult. The views were worth it. So. Worth. It. 

Dad, Astrid and I left Mum at home for the day as we explored around Torndirup national park, visiting the Gap, Salmon Holes and Stony Hill. Although I've already visited a large portion of this region when I was younger, it was such an ethereal experience to see it all again. 

Our last adventure led us to Little Beach in Albany. I received a message from an anonymous person on tumblr with the recommendation to visit this quiet place, which I'm so grateful for! The beach has a stretch of clean, white sand and the water is crystal clear. We followed a little path through bushland to go to an adjacent beach which was, I dare say, even more beautiful. It had a hidden waterfall with bushland surrounding it with boulders bordering the ocean. 

Life on Film

There's been a hell of a lot going on in my life since my last update with you all. I graduated high school, welcomed myself into adulthood and adopted a very strange, tiring and insanely fun lifestyle. Life since leavers for me has pretty much been me going out almost every night which makes this girl's lil heart ridiculously happy.
Life has been really fucking good, let me tell you. 
Here in Perth the weather has finally picked itself up too! Smells of the blooming jacarandas lining my streets are filling my head with an odd but comforting sense of nostalgia and impatience. The beach has almost become a second home to me, which I'm definitely not complaining about! I always find comfort and peace bobbing up and down in the waves, sea mist and sunshine kissing my skin. 
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed living them. 
Love u all xx